Interaction of Color : 50th Anniversary Edition

Presents an expanded selection of close to sixty color studies demonstrating such principles as color…

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01 background

wiki bio

So what’s the deal with Andrew?

2 Developed a programmable circuit stickers that encourage more girls to experiment with electronics and physical computing (teamwork with a PhD candidate at the MIT Media Lab)

3 With goal of helping Fukushima’s citizens after the…

episode 1

1.3 Getting started with the data

TASK : Read the file bballPlayers.txt into a table named playerInfo.

So I’m just typing the stuff in matlab and the hit run

playerInfo = readtable('bballPlayers.txt');
playerStats= readtable('bballStats.txt');

Summary: Getting Started with the Data

This educational application allows the user to explore the effects of different building parameters on the time-varying response of a building under earthquake, wind, or other transient loads.

“White and red light trails forming abstract patterns in a dark setting” by Ahmad Dirini on Unsplash


The building is represented by a shear building model: an idealization of…

01 Machine Learning — 2.7 Project — Clustering: Wine color, corporate bonds and wheat seed kernels.

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This is a bitácora of the wine color project to track my learning.
Previously assimilated stuff:

2.Finding natural patterns in data
2.1 Course example — basketball players
2.2 Low dimensional visualization
2.3 k-means clustering
2.4 Gaussian mixture models

Jorge A Arriagada Triana

Geotechnical Engineer | Jet Grouting + FEM |

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